Enabling an optimized touchless ordering process for Oil & Gas B2B client


Business Objectives

A USD 5+ billion manufacturer of chemicals and plastic resins has partnered with SkillNet Solutions, a global leader in digital transformation to enable rich customer experiences while scaling their distribution channels.

The client whose products are used in a wide variety of applications, including food & electronics packaging, industrial materials, appliances & a variety of consumer goods, had recently commissioned a new manufacturing plant. The new plant would double the client’s manufacturing capacity and they wanted to scale their online ordering systems to support the increased demand.

The client’s sales cycle was long due to multiple manual intervention touch points. Purchase orders received from customers had to be manually entered into the ERP & converted into sales orders. Around 30% of total order volume (consignment orders) could not be directly entered into the eCommerce system. So, the client was also looking to ensure seamless customer experiences through touchless order capture and order fulfilment.

Solution – Streamlining ordering process & delivering maximum value from the digital commerce platform

To support the client’s objectives of enabling automating their sales ordering cycle, Team SkillNet identified processes which could be automated. These included Sourcing plant/ship point (for new orders), Transportation routes and rates, Pricing Approval, Credit checking, In/Out of Plan checking, Advanced Available to Promise, Customer pdf or spreadsheet purchase order upload, Exception reporting, Regulatory Statements, Consignment order creation and the Resource Library.

Then the team designed a solution which enabled the client to use out of the box functionality from a new innovative, commerce platform and ensured smooth integration to the ERP systems.

Benefits – Improving overall site performance & reducing sales cycle with touchless ordering

With the new implementation, the sales cycle was reduced and optimized. When Customers enter their sales orders, the orders flow into the back-end ERP systems for fulfillment with minimal manual intervention.

The solution also ensured that customers had access to the appropriate marketing material which provided technical details about various products. This improved the overall digital commerce experience and made it a competitive advantage for the client. It also reduced the friction between the channels, sales & customer services.

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