HEMSA partners with SkillNet to improve customer engagement


Mexican Retailer HEMSA partners with SkillNet to improve customer engagement & in store experiences


Smooth and successful implementation of Oracle Retail solutions by SkillNet helps HEMSA  drive integrated customer experiences.

About the client

For 54-years, Mexico’s leading department store HEMSA has been selling a wide variety of products, such as apparel, health, beauty, home appliances, electronics, toys, gifts and school supplies. The retailer prides itself on offering everyday low prices online and across the 26 physical stores.


HEMSA wanted to increase customer engagement by providing customized discounts and offers during busy seasons (back-to-school and holidays). But the limitations of the retail systems meant that it could not support the complex promotions.

Apart from the challenges in managing complex discounts, HEMSA’s existing POS systems had developed problems which impacted customer check-out. The system had to be continuously restarted during standard credit card transactions.

In order to continue to provide customers with smooth in store experiences and customized discounts and offers, HEMSA decided to implement a modern point of sale solutions – Oracle Retail Solutions.

Solution | SkillNet helps HEMSA deploy new hardware and software from Oracle Retail to drive integrated customer experience

HEMSA partnered with SkillNet to successfully implement Oracle Retail Xstore Point-of-Service, Oracle Retail Workstation 6 series, Oracle Retail Xstore Office and Oracle Retail Customer Engagement.

The modern POS which was capable of omnichannel processes, provided a single view of the customer view and customized promotions. The new solution was centralized and provided real-time sales information. It also had a fully integrated payment solution, with the ability to pay for services and top ups sale.

“HEMSA has improved the customer experience in stores and we are very pleased to have worked together with them on this successful implementation”

Anurag Mehta,
CEO SkillNet Solutions INC

“The introduction of the Oracle Retail solution delivered by SkillNet has allowed us to completely refresh the customer experience in store”

Francisco Cifuentes, Gerente de Sistemas, HEMSA

Benefits | Increased customer engagement & smooth in store experiences

Currently, HEMSA has a modern retail system in place. This enables them to

  • Provide richer in store experiences
  • Effectively manage their busy seasons (back-to-school and holiday seasons) by providing effective discounts and offers
  • Improve targeted promotions to customers with more complete information of customer trends and ability to execute

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