eCommerce Platform Modernization Assessment

Book an assessment – 01/04/2023 – 03/31/2023 SkillNet provide services […]


Looking to get some insights into how technology can optimize your merchandising planning process?

Book an assessment – 01/04/2023 – 03/31/2023

SkillNet provide services from solution and customer journey design to implementation and managed support at scale. Based on our experience in working with successful Commerce leaders, SkillNet has developed a Modern Commerce Engine that provides the tools to measure and improve a Retailer’s eCommerce platform.

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In order to enable Retailers to jumpstart their eCommerce modernization program, SkillNet offers a free 2-day assessment of the main pillars of the eCommerce platform. At the end of the assessment, we deliver a complete report on the state of modernization of the existing eCommerce Platform. It also includes a review of incident management and architecture documentation, guided workshops and identifies areas which would benefit from the use of the Modern Commerce Engine.

The report will also identify areas for immediate improvement and quick returns. We also provide practical recommendations to maximize the value of current investments. The final objective is to help define a roadmap which aligns with a retailer’s business goals.

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