[Press Release] SkillNet is now an Endeca Certified Consulting Partner

Accreditation underscores commitment to state-of-the-art technology and standards. SkillNet, a […]


Accreditation underscores commitment to state-of-the-art technology and standards.

SkillNet, a leading provider of IT consulting services and solutions to the retail market, today announced that it has received the “Endeca Certified Consulting Partner” accreditation. This honor represents the highest level of competence and expertise of Endeca’s Information Access Platform, and is awarded to partner companies that have the requisite number of trained consultants. SkillNet currently has double the amount of consultants needed for gold accreditation; with more certifications scheduled for later this year.

With five years of experience and more than 25 successful engagements in search and guided navigation projects, SkillNet has proved its mettle as a cutting edge technology solutions enabler.

“Our customers are looking for both state-of-the-art products such as the Endeca Information Access Platform, as well as reliable long-term systems implementers and integrators like SkillNet to solve specific high-ROI business problems with lower cost-of-ownership, faster time-to-results, and greater value than other alternatives,” said John Andrews, vice president, solutions marketing and product management at Endeca. “By extending their knowledge of the Endeca Information Access Platform, SkillNet has not only raised the bar in regards to quality and delivery, but is reaffirming our joint commitment to our customers by allowing them to create a superior site experience.”

The accreditation has jump-started SkillNet’s plans for 2010 to expand its already substantive Internet technology practice by getting more of its consultants trained and certified in related domains. In addition, the company will reach out to the retail market including existing clients to get them engaged in search and guided navigation, SEO and Web 2.0 best practices.


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