SkillNet Hosted its most successful Spark NRF annual dinner and cocktail bash

Every year SkillNet hosts its annual customer appreciation event – […]


Every year SkillNet hosts its annual customer appreciation event – Spark – at the backdrop of NRF. This year Spark was hosted at NYC’s highest rooftop.

Every year SkillNet organizes its Spark event at the backdrop of NRF, where past, current and some prospective clients are invited to network and exchange experiences. The 10th edition of Spark saw participation from global thought leaders of different retail verticals.

Mr. Anurag Mehta CEO of SkillNet kicked off the event with the following note to all the attendees

“Thank you everyone for coming out here, showing support and giving us encouragement. Different people identify us differently but the way we see ourselves is as partners of retailers. We do things from implementing large applications, modernizing existing applications, helping retailers build things from ground zero, integrating applications together, generating insights from (retail) datamapping their customer journey and improving customer experience.”

Quick Snapshot of the event:

  • 40+ attendees from top Retail brands
  • Industry mapped panel discussion
  • 15 retail and SkillNet partner logos represented
  • Retailers from 3 different continent
  • 100+ digital impressions on social media

The attendees had a wonderful networking opportunity with the partners, peers and our select customer who shared their stories and learning of yet another successful year. The event also included a Fireside chat hosted by Antonio Alvaro Senior Vice President Solutions and General Manager International business SkillNet Inc., on an overarching theme of Modern Retail challenges and Innovation in customer journey. In this discussion the panel shared their perspective on trends, challenges and opportunities in the industry and how they are navigating these in their own businesses with the help of SkillNet.

Here is a sneak peek into what some of the attendees said about SkillNet.

“SkillNet brings  flexibility, Business Acumen and Knowledge that aid’s and augments our IT team with their expertise” – Vice President of Global Retail Solutions at a multinational company

“They dig deeper and have constant commitment to us. It not only makes our job easier but also makes our customer experience rich.” – Director of Business Systems at a leading specialty US retailer.

It was an absolute honor to host a thought provoking evening with the attendees from three different continents and 15 different global retailers.


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