SkillNet launches successful pilot store go-live in a move to upgrade a state run liquor agency to ORPOS version 14.0.1 kicking off its digital transformation.

SkillNet is proud to announce completion of a successful pilot […]


SkillNet is proud to announce completion of a successful pilot store go-live for a state run liquor agency and retailer upgrading their systems to ORPOS version 14.0.1. Given the unique nature of a government run organization and strict alcohol reporting laws, the system upgrade included integrating more than 30 complex customizations that carried over from their prior version, along with several patches. Additionally, more than 60 significant enhancements were implemented with the upgrade. SkillNet’s business analysts documented the business requirements, its development team then completed the build, and its QA team thoroughly tested its use cases prior to roll-out. It was a true team effort in completing this successful go-live! SkillNet’s team will continue to roll out the remaining 600+ stores over the next few months.


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